The Seven Deadly Fears of Switching from Quickbooks to Xero

For many people, the idea of change can cause a great deal of internal anxiety, especially when it comes to the things we have come to rely on for day-to-day life. “The coffee that I like is getting a little too expensive but I don’t want to change brands.” Or even worse, your favorite blend is being discontinued at the store.

Another more modern example is this: “I crashed my windows PC and I’ve decided to get a new laptop. My friend is recommending that I get a mac instead but I’m used to a PC.”

We also get these same fears and discomforts over big decision changes such as switching accounting software like QuickBooks to Xero. These fears are common but not completely irrational, so, thankfully, they can be worked through. Here are The Seven Deadly Fears of Switching from QuickBooks to Xero:

1. You Simply Don’t Feel Comfortable with Change

This is one of the more common hold ups in any change of life; however, change isn’t bad. Rather, it is just a part of going through existence. Thankfully, if you find you don’t like Xero then switching back is always an option, but you may find that you like the change more in the end. You won’t find out until you take the first, brave step.

2. Fear of The Great Unknown

An understandable but amendable fear. Xero’s homepage gives a list of features and benefits to look through to let customers know what to expect from their service, so luckily the great unknown is a little less expansive when swapping programs.

3. Having to Learn a New Software Program Will put me Behind

Xero is a program that is easy to navigate because it documents what to expect from your purchase. You may not have the familiarity you have built up with your previous program but it won’t take any time at all to familiarize yourself with Xero thanks to its step-by-step user guides and friendly formatting.

4. I Don’t Have the Same Confidence in Xero that I do with QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the most popular accounting site in the US and Canada area; however, Xero holds the same investment and confidence in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. You may not have heard as much about Xero but it holds the investments of a large part of the world.

5. I Don’t Want to Invest in Another Program

For the cheapest investment into Xero you get 15 more features and benefits than you would receive for the same price for QuickBooks. The starting price for being able to payroll employees for Xero is $30 a month as opposed to the $65 for QuickBooks.

6. I Don’t Want my Privacy to be Compromised

Xero is an accounting service that uses the Cloud and many are afraid that being able to access account information from anywhere means the Cloud doesn’t have good security. You don’t have to worry about this, however.

Xero has high-security standards and their data is guarded on the same level as internet banking, so unless you fear for your monetary security in your bank, then you should have confidence in your privacy and safety in Xero’s Cloud program and backup storage.

7. The fear of switching from QuickBooks to Xero “losing” account data in the transfer

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this. Xero has a program that allows you to upload your QuickBooks files to the account and they can convert your data in under 3 hours to data better suited for the Xero program. Nothing will be missed or unaccounted for.

Change can be scary, but more often than not, the blessings that come with new advancements are wonderful and life-changing in the most positive manner. We understand the anxiety that comes with swapping accounting programs, but, thankfully, swapping from Quickbooks to Xero is an easy fear to fix thanks to Xero’s friendly user options, affordability, and safe-keeping.

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