Best Creative Agencies to Work for in Orange County, CA

Creative agencies can be hard to find, for some reason, there is a stigmatism to keep things strict and professional in the workplace. But creativity is so often the heart of a fulfilling job that, without it, work becomes an obstacle to get through in daily life. Creativity is important in the workplace and these five oc ad agencies know that.


Sometimes the best place to start with creativity is where it is prevalent. Adhesive is an integrated marketing and advertising agency whose foundation relies on innovative and creative design.

Located in Huntington Beach, Adhesive is a self-proclaimed “anti-agency” dedicated to innovated and out-of-the-box creativity. Many of its clients have connections to other, long-standing ad agencies or PR firms and take Adhesive on to change perspective to bolster creative ideas. This change and perspective gives their work the impression that it is flexible but has “nothing to lose”. As a small, private agency, Adhesive has embraced that view and use it to motivate their work in paving a future for new brands and revitalizing old ones.

The New Home Company

The New Home Company is a real estate agency that expresses their creativity in their home building. For decades, New Home Company has grown in their business, planting locations across northern and southern California and even into Arizona. And over the years, they have learned and tempered that knowledge to be used as a fine brush, turning their work into art.

New Home Company believes in building positive relationships in the workplace to ensure the best outcome possible. And so they not only keep in good communication between craftsmen’s and lenders but also with the neighborhoods they join by contributing to better schools and supporting communities.

The Creative Group

The Creative Group is an agency that deals less with creative projects and more with creative people. TCG is a marketing and creative staffing agency that specialize in building relations between talented and creative professionals and companies in need of their skills.

Companies like Graphic Design USA, HOW Magazine, and even The Wall Street Journal are invaluable assets to TCG that open opportunities for staff. Their flexible solutions to meet company needs allow for temporary and full-time hire in areas including design, marketing, advertising, technology, accounting, finance, administrative, and legal.

Blue C 

Blue C is an agency that holds a creative view on market share. To them, the market is a battlefield and they fight alongside you through powerful branding, innovative marketing, and creative advertising solutions. Through solid strategy and creative design, Blue C dedicates their work towards building and refreshing brands to keep them fighting fit in a dog-eat-dog consumer market. Passion fuels their service as they work to challenge market space for clients and their future growth.

But Blue C does more than build markets; its builds relations by communicating and connecting with consumers to better understand their needs and how they relate to the client. What they design holds meaning that develops a resonance between client and consumer.

JPL Talent 

Creativity is about action and few know that better than JPL Talent. Fear, tradition, and the unknown can hold a person back from landing the job of their dreams. In order to work around that obstacle, one might have to take an approach they wouldn’t normally think of or know exist. JPL Talent is that approach.

Though considered an employment agency, JPL Talent goes above and beyond simply communicating potential company opportunities to potential staff. They work to bring them together with Professional Hiring Events that give people the chance to talk and go over with many companies looking to hire at the same time. These events are a benefiting opportunity for both company and client looking to better their future with a new job or a bright, new employee.