Reveals New Intelligent Business Platform

While paying bills is not a fun experience, it is something every company must handle to keep its wheels turning. To make paying bills more pleasant, updated its payment platform by implementing smart intelligence, making it easier for companies to manage their payment process.

Paying Bills Gets Easier with Outsourced Accounting

Picture1.png is utilizing IVA (Intelligent Virtual Assistant) to automatically capture data from invoices, eliminate manual data entry, and recognize workflow. After testing the new platform, surveyed users and estimated that the new intelligent platform saved on average 5.5 hours per week for users.


As a leader in digital payment space, has a network of over 3 million members and manages over $60 billion in payments annually. Recognized as an industry leader, has won over 70 different awards and has partnerships with American Express and other prominent financial institutions.

At Basis 365, we focus on streamlining the accounting process, taking the daily pressures of running a business away from our customers so they can focus on growing their business.

For this reason, we are excited about the new intelligent business platform released by Not only is the new platform smarter and more intuitive, but it is built to create a more efficient process for businesses.


Visit to learn more about the new intelligent business platform or or schedule a time to view their webinar to view the complete experience.