Please provide us with your best estimates on the items listed below. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Please include Legal Name plus any active DBAs.
General Accounting
Number of bank accounts we would need to reconcile. Include checking, savings, PayPal and any other cash assets. Please include bank names so we can investigate feed capabilities.
Select the range that is closest to the number of transactions we'd have to code per month.
Number of credit cards we would need to reconcile. These should be cards under the name of the business. Please explicitly note if a card is personal and is being used for business.
Select the range that is closest to the number of transactions we'd have to code per month (if multiple credit cards, aggregate the # of transactions for your selection).
Enter approximate number accounts payable invoices we'd process for payment. Break out how many paid by Check, Wire, or ACH.
Number of employees you W-2 at year-end.
Number of Contractors you 1099 at year-end.
Who is your payroll provider (if any)?
If you send sales invoices, approximate how many are sent monthly. If your business is more transaction-based, like eCommerce product sales or SaaS recurring revenue, estimate the volume of sales per month.
Rough estimates of annual revenue for the current year and the following year.
Describe the nature of the deposits we will be reconciling. Please include approximate breakdown and volume. e.g. 50% (about 30 / month) are Checks deposited by admin personnel, 25% come through Stripe, the rest are international wires (around 10-15 / month).
Our services use accrual accounting. Aside from Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, describe known accruals needed for your business (e.g. Deferred Revenue, Notes Payable with Interest Accrual, Prepaids). Enter None or I Don't Know if unsure.
Describe any changes to the business that may impact the accounting requirements in the near-term (e.g. expecting Seed/Series A funding, launching your product, hiring lots of employees).
Describe any catch up accounting we'll need to do. Approximate how many months of catch up needed or processing of manually tracked spreadsheets of expenses paid by owners on behalf of the business.
Inventory Management
What system are you using to track inventory now?
Approximate number of shipped sales per month.
Approximate average sale amount.
Do you sell to customers on account?
Do you ship internationally? If yes, what currencies are used?
Number of active products / SKUs.
Number of POs issued per month.
Number of warehouse locations and what country/state/province.
Do your products have kits or packs? Please describe.
Do you manufacture products or do you have them manufacturer and you buy completed units?
Do you serialize products or require batch tracking?
Do your products have expiration dates?
Is there any additional information we should know that we didn't ask?