Gusto's New Plans

We are excited to see Gusto’s newly released plans. The key differences in the two new plans will fill a need for many of our customers and allow them to use one platform to satisfy these requirements versus three. That saves a lot of time and headache.

Here’s a summary of the plan differences. You can find a more details listing on their pricing page.

Gusto Plans and Pricing.png


Not new here, but their core payroll services have been amazing, so nothing new is really needed. Some items have moved from their core service and are not included in Complete. Paid-Time Off is a useful feature that is now in the higher plan.


The primary new feature in the Complete plan is the ability to add onboarding documents like an Offer Letter or your Employee Handbook. This was previously only available to companies with a large number of employees so it’s nice they are now allowing anyone willing to pay the Complete price to access this functionality.

Many customers previously used the free version of Zenefits to handle onboarding documentation so it’s nice to see Gusto has built this in, reducing the need for another application to learn and maintain.

Gusto seems to now be positioned to go toe-to-toe with Zenefits.

Here’s an example of the default Offer Letter editor. Quite easy to use and I am sure functionality will improve over time. Other documents, like NDAs or Employee Handbooks need to be submitted for someone on the Gusto team to insert linked fields. I am sure this will be improved soon so you can add any document yourself.

Screenshot for Gusto Plan changes and Offer Letter Editor.png


One of the most common referral requests we receive at Basis 365 is for HR assistance. Although we handle payroll for many customers, we are not HR experts and recommend consulting with an expert on hiring, firing and other compliance inquiries.

We’re excited to see Gusto has built this into their plans. Since we’ll most likely recommend Complete for most of our customers, the price differential is only $110/month to have access to an HR team. That’s a drop in the bucket.

Although this seems to be a somewhat quite release from Gusto compared to when they started offering benefits, it’s a huge leap for our customers. Kudos to the Gusto team for constantly improving and rolling out solutions our customer’s need.

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