Cloud-Based Accounting is Booming

Our very own Mike Doan was recently interviewed for Accounting Today’s recent article, ‘New’ Firms in the Cloud, and had some wonderful insight to add to the conversation. He also illuminated some reasons why the movement from traditional accounting to outsourced accounting may have been easier for tech companies.

‘We don’t view it as offering ‘new’ services. It is delivering it and packaging it differently and providing a better user experience,’ Doan said. He noted that newer companies are also accustomed to having remote teams. In fact, some of his customers have offices in Los Angeles, London and Barcelona. This makes a cloud-based solution especially beneficial when serving clients as it removes geographic barriers and helps improve turnaround.
— Mike Doan, "Firms In The Cloud"

In addition to Mike, Accounting Today also interviewed Peter Karpas (CEO, North America Xero) whose software has helped us deliver the greatest value to our clients. Peter responded with this statement when asked about cloud-based accounting advantages:

… accountants in the cloud work more collaboratively with their clients, save time through automatic data importing and can secure an instant real-time view of their client financials…This means that accountants can now embrace a more flexible proactive focus to provide value-added, consultative services.
— Peter Karpas, "Firms In The Cloud"

We couldn’t agree more with Peter. The ability to be proactive towards helping businesses grow is spurred by our expert accountants’ ability to analyze and utilize our cloud-based accounting software. We’ve seen the benefits of cloud-based accounting and believe the future holds massive growth for our industry.


A Special Thanks

We would like to take a moment to thank Accounting Today and Antoinette Alexander for allowing us to be part of this article and for shedding some light on what the accounting firm of tomorrow will look like. 

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