Building Your Dream

We believe entrepreneurs start their businesses to achieve their dream. As entrepreneurs, we are responsible for so much in our companies that soon we become bogged down and the dream chasing stops. We become the sales, marketing, human resources, and, the most dreaded one of all, the accounting department. We don't become just a person working in those departments; we become the entire department.

While all these departments are critical to running a business, they take entrepreneurs away from their real focus: creating a vision, strategizing, and leading. To borrow a phrase from Michael E. Gerber's book, The E-Myth, entrepreneurs should "work on their business, not in their business."

So many entrepreneurs become the accounting department for their business, but no entrepreneurs start a business to "do" accounting (well, except us). Many get stuck in this critical role. We, at Basis 365, see this as a problem on many levels and are here to help.

Through collaborative accounting, we can handle the entire accounting function for entrepreneurs. In return, entrepreneurs can refocus their energy and go back to working on their business. And, we help them stay on track by turning accounting data into meaningful business insights.

We do this so entrepreneurs can focus on building their dream every day.