QuickBooks Helps eCommerce Businesses Calculate Sales Tax

A Daunting Task for eCommerce

Staying up to date on sales tax laws can be difficult for even the savviest business owners. Add in the changing legislation last year, and you're looking at plenty of complications, especially if you're in eCommerce.

As an online seller, if you are responsible for sales tax in the state, it is your responsibility to charge your buyers the correct amount of sale tax and remit the taxes collected back to your state. If you’re selling products or services to customers in other states, it can get complicated.

Sales Tax Solution for eCommerce + SMBs

Recently, QuickBooks launched a new Sales Tax Calculator to assist small businesses calculate the nearly 11,000 local sales tax jurisdictions in the U.S. The goal of the calculator is to help online sellers see how the different sales tax affects their business and keeps tracks of all the changing laws, so small businesses don't have too.

QBO sales tax.png

Sales tax for eCommerce can be a daunting topic, and we can’t emphasize enough the importance of correctly setting up your sales taxes from the start or of meeting the deadlines that your local tax agencies enforce. If you have questions or are looking for assistance - reach out and will be happy to assist you with your eCommerce accounting set up.