Providing eCommerce Marketing Automation with Klaviyo

In an age where time is money, scalable businesses are looking to automating business processes as much as possible. Automation grows revenue and frees the business owner up to focus on improving the business.

Online marketing for eCommerce produces substantial ROI for the time that is invested, and with the addition of the right email marketing automation tool, your eCommerce business will scale new heights not yet seen.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a web-based email marketing automation tool, rife with features and specializing in eCommerce email marketing. Klaviyo integrates with multiple platforms and can divide subscribers into different segments based on parameter scores and performance-based reporting.

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Emails can be sent based on different metrics such as purchase and product viewing history and based on what interaction the user has had with past emails.

Integration with platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, and a list of others only adds to its power. Klaviyo also integrates with payment processors.

Feature Summed Up

A/B Testing: Klaviyo allows you to A/B test campaigns to see which ones provide the best results. Performance reporting can be used to track open rate metrics, bounce rate, and click-through rates.

Activity Dashboard: The activity dashboard presents an in-depth view of everything your users are engaging with on your site and in the email.

Application Integration: You can add different apps and platforms and enjoy their benefits.

CRM Integration: Klaviyo allows you to add your favorite CRM platform like Zoho CRM.

Automate to Relieve Stress

Automation is essential when running a successful eCommerce business.

Our eCommerce customers repeatedly tell us that integrations between their multiple platforms and our accounting systems save them time, improves their workflow.

Here at Basis 365, we partner with businesses to help scale their business simplify their eCommerce accounting. We create streamlined systems using cloud-based technology, to give eCommerce business owners peace of mind and easy access to their numbers in real-time.

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