Constantly refine your business so it doesn’t “break”!

We’ve all heard the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it." Although living by that phrase might make life less stressful or help you feel more focused, I’d argue it could also do quite the opposite. With everything in life, there must be a balance. Balancing constant improvement with a phrase like that may be a better solution.

Businesses can get quite complicated and will have a lot of moving parts. The faster you grow, the more you feel that pain. Significant functions or processes in a business need to be tweaked and improved along the way, or they will break. One of the greatest fears of a business owner is waking up one morning, and something has broken. Your day is shot, your stress levels are elevated, and you begin to fear the next breakage.

Stay on top of each business function and make sure you’re continually moving that process forward quarter after quarter. Production, sales, finance, etc. Don’t wait until a massive change needs to take place or you’ll keep putting it off until that becomes true. Instead, look ahead and make the small necessary changes to get you where you need to go.

My Accounting Just “Broke”

Most business owners should spend most of their time on their product and customers. Things like accounting, HR, and even marketing should be outsourced to others who can keep a laser focus on that business function so you can keep pushing forward.

Accounting is one area that can become an afterthought until you “need” it. Instead, accounting should help you understand the health of your business and provide you goals and targets to shoot for as you look to build a successful business. 

We typically start talking to prospective customers when something terrible happened. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Their employee quit, and they have two weeks to hire a fantastic team member, 
  2. their tax firm which also does their taxes hasn’t provided closed financials for months due to the busy tax season, or
  3. the business owner has been trying to do the books themselves and have fallen far behind and now someone is asking for financials.

Why not learn a little more about how your accounting can help you scale; how it can help you understand your business? What does an ideal accounting experience look like for you and start putting things in place so you can get there while you’re growing. Nobody wants to be putting out fires after they start. 

Take Action Now; It’s Easy

We recommend chatting with an outsourced accounting & bookkeeping company for a health check on your current accounting and what options exist to future-proof your business. Be proactive and reach out now. 

No need to wait until year end or until something breaks. Perhaps utilize a slower summertime to make a transition while you have the time to plan instead of having to outsource accounting or bookkeeping components under a time constraint. We’re here for you, so check out our outsourced accounting services. We promise; we’ll make the switch easy!