In Search of a Reliable Accounting Partner
to Support You and Your Clients?

Basis 365 is the perfect fit for fractional CFOs.
We provide a 100% virtual accounting department that handles the daily and monthly accounting tasks so you can focus on delivering insights to your clients.

Have you ever asked
yourself these questions?

"Am I working with clients that provide incorrect or unreliable financial information?"

"Are my clients taking too long to close their books for me to provide timely insight?"

"Have I been tasked to help restructure my client's finance and operations?"

"Would having a reliable accounting partner to refer to my clients position me as a valuable resource?"


If the answer is yes to any of these questions, we can help.


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Why CFOs Refer Us

We align ourselves with your goals. We understand the strategic value CFO's offer to businesses and ensure we deliver the data you need when you need it.

When you recommend Basis 365 Accounting, you are connecting your clients with a stable accounting solution that is less costly than hiring. It's a win-win for you are your client.


What CFOs Say


"I rely on the books being closed accurately and timely. So, switching from previous providers to Basis 365 was an easy choice. Basis 365 made the entire accounting process work effortlessly. I could check in, make sure everything was going well and not have to feel like I had to dig in and help to fix things."

 Robert Burger, B2B CFO®

"Basis 365 Accounting came in to help get the historical accounting data cleaned up and establish processes to ensure things ran smoothly for my client. They automated processes which not only simplifies the work but also creates a solid chain of control. This allowed me to do a better job doing what I do best, improving my client’s business!"

Jim Doty, Doty Consulting


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Basis 365 Accounting was recommended to provide reliable outsourced accounting services so a CFO can effectively deliver their strategic advice.